Inspection of a property

The purpose of this inspection is to identify major faults that could reduce the use, enjoyment or value of a building, or defects that would represent a potential hazard or hazard to the occupants. We will check the condition of the systems observed at the time of the inspection, and we will report on the status of each system and its components to provide you with the best possible information.

The average duration of an inspection is three hours. We will provide you with a written report in a timely manner. We are the “Sherlock Holmes” of the industry.



A pre-sale inspection is identical to a pre-purchase inspection, with the difference that it is for sellers. It will allow you to have a better understanding of the state of your property before putting it on sale.

You can then make the necessary repairs or inform the buyer before he makes an offer, which can facilitate the sales process.

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New constructions

The purpose of a new construction supervision is to follow the construction of your new property from beginning to end. Inspection of a new property at different stages of construction is essential. We recommend at least 4 steps, starting with the foundation.

  • Before the backfilling of the earth around the house.
  • Before installing insulation and vapor barrier.
  • Before installation of Gypsum (dry wall panels).
  • Final inspection, (delivery of the property).

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